office meeting pods

OFFICE PHONE booths Enhance in-office productivity

A Superior Meeting Environment

Our office meeting pods enhance efficiency and productivity during zoom or work meetings by cultivating a serene and collaborative workspace.

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office phone booths

Acoustic phone booths with Optimal Efficiency

Lighting & Ventilation

Includes a 4000 K daylight color temperature LED lighting system and a low noise air ventilation system to ensure proper air circulation.

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Soundproof office pods

Office phone Booths that match your environment

Various Colour & Furniture Options

Our office phone booths are available in a variety of colours, offering you the choice to select one that complements your office environment.

We also have a range of furniture options for each size of office phone booth in order to best accomodate your specific requirement

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acoustic phone booths

Acoustic phone booths with wheels

Easy installation and relocatation

Our phone booths are equipped with wheels underneath for easy relocation.

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office meeting pods

Office phone booth - customise settings

Intelligent Control

Each office phone booth includes a control panel for brightness, colour and ventilation. Users can personalise their workspace experience by controlling the brightness, colour temperature, and airflow within the office phone booth.

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Crafted with sound-insulating acoustic materials

office phone booth
office phone booth

Utilise Office Phone Booths to enhance in-office productivity

Office phone booths, also known as soundproof office pods or acoustic phone booths, offer a sanctuary amidst the bustling environment of an office space, fostering an atmosphere conducive to productivity. These sleek and compact structures provide employees with a private space to make phone calls, participate in virtual meetings, or focus on tasks requiring concentration without being disturbed by surrounding noise. By shielding individuals from distractions, office phone booths promote better communication by ensuring confidential conversations remain private and allowing employees to engage in discussions without fear of eavesdropping. This increased privacy cultivates a sense of security and encourages open dialogue, ultimately enhancing collaboration and teamwork within the workplace.

Moreover, the availability of office phone booths can significantly improve time management and workflow efficiency. With designated spaces for making calls or attending meetings, employees no longer need to seek out secluded corners or conference rooms, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent searching for suitable locations. These booths also eliminate the need for employees to step outside the office to find a quiet environment, thus reducing disruptions to their workflow. By minimising interruptions and providing a dedicated space for focused work, office phone booths empower workers to maintain their concentration and tackle tasks with heightened efficiency, ultimately contributing to overall productivity and performance within the organisation.

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