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The L - 4 Person Office Phone Booth

The L - 4 Person Office Phone Booth


Introducing the L, the ultimate acoustic office meeting pod for up to four people. Say goodbye to noisy distractions and hello to a private and focused working environment. Boost productivity and take your calls in peace with this quirky and practical addition to your workspace.

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  • White office phone booth


  • Dark Grey office phone booth

    Dark Grey

  • Dark grey & wood

    Dark Grey with Wood

  • Office phone booth - light grey

    Light Grey

  • Office phone booth - dark grey

    Dark Grey

  • Office phone booth - green


  • Office phone booth - neutral


Soundproof office pods

Acoustic phone booths for a quiet meeting environment

Acoustic Phone Booths

Made with class-leading soundproofing materials and structural detailing to mitigate noise, the acoustic phone booths are designed for optimal acoustic soundproofing. Incorporates noise-reducing glass similar to that found on high-speed trains.

Office phone booths for a comfortable meeting environment

Productivity enhancing furniture

You can select from a range of furniture options for our office phone booths to optimise comfort and efficiency for one or two individuals.

Office phone booth

Office phone booths with built in power options for various devices

Power & Connectivity

  • Control planel for LED lighting and ventilation power
  • ƒ 2 * 220-240 Power Socket UK/ E
  • ƒ 1 * USB-B DC 5V, 2.1
  • ƒ 1 * USB-C DC 5V, 2.1

Specifications for our Office Phone Booths

  • ƒ Intelligent Control Panel for LED lighting and ventilation power
  • ƒ 2 * 220-240 Power Socket UK/ E
  • ƒ 1 * USB-B
  • ƒ 1 * USB-C
  • Every 30 minutes, the centrifugal fan will start to ventilate the air automatically
    for 5 minutes, which keeps the duct and booth dry & fresh

Exterior size: W2300 x D1785 x H2326 mm

Inner size: W2162 x D1745 x H2146

Foor Space Required: 4.1 meter sq

Weight: 606kg

Capacity: 1-4 people